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The Online Internet Training has become essential in our daily lives. Despite its significance to users, most have only a common idea of how it works. If you’re enthusiastic to learn more about the Internet and computer networks, then this Online Internet Training is for you. Career Focus Point provides best Online Internet Training at an affordable price. We do have professional trainers, who guide each and every aspirant every time. Our major focus is on 1 on 1 session, so that every student can clear all his/her doubts without any hesitation.
Online Internet Course
Online Internet Course
It is hard to imagine life without your Smartphone, computers, and laptops. Without internet all three of them are of no use, so everyone should know the usage and how to use it wisely. You have to rely on it so much: – for your work; to stay in touch with family and friends, to capture and share those vital moments; to find your way.

Career Focus Point online Internet course covers many things like:

  • How to search anything on Google.
  • How to download videos, audios, images etc. on Google.
  • How to download you tube videos and save it to your computer.
  • How to create your Gmail account with settings.
  • How to compose a professional E-mail and attach file in it.
  • How to upload files, folders etc. on drive.
  • How to use Google Maps(to find particular area or location)
  • How to convert any file to PDF.
  • How to zip or UN –zip any folder and so on.

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